Hello, My name is Soren and I’m an anime junkie….



Yes I’m a huge anime junkie…and damn proud of it!  Anything with big eyes, cute noises, and those oh so adorable omgah faces make me giggle with excitement!  Currently I’m waiting for the second season of attack on titan to reach the shores of the US, untill then I’m watching Tokyo Ghoul….and wow is it epic. So if you haven’t tried anime give it a chance!  And if you do watch anime, stand up and claim your anime junkie status!

Decor only today (cause I am totally lazy):

Anime figures school girls – NOMAD // Chibi Figurine // Ayako & Hanako (older gacha)
Anime figures other – NOMAD // .05 // Chibi Space Hero & Knight Hero (older gacha)
Desk/Screens – NOMAD // Otaku Desk (older gacha)
Ramen – NOMAD // Ramen Clutter (older gacha)
Lamp – NOMAD // Otaku Desk Lamp (older gacha)
Chair – NOMAD // Otaku Desk Chair (older gacha)
Curtains – +Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain
Skybox – :HAIKEI: School Gacha / Classroom Skybox {RARE} (older gacha)



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