I can bring her back…

ican bring her back bw23 (1 of 1) Homunculi are said to be created each time an alchemist attempts a Human Transmutation. While the transmutation itself will result in a failure in that the person intended to be revived does not return as expected, a new existence is brought about.

On Soren –
Skin: Essences – Demetra02 *pale02* (@Gacha Garden now!)
Hair: MINA Hair – Yenna (@Gacha Garden now!)
Eyes: antielle. Distilled Eyes (Epiphany Event)
Blood: Lovely Disarray – Little Death Dealer
Tattoo: antielle. Homunculus (RARE) (Epiphany Event)
Nails: PUNCI . My Point Nails

Props –
Books: .::Cubic Cherry::. {Magic Shop} ancient book A+ B (@Gacha Garden now!)
Candles: [DEC 0022A] Cluster of Candles
House: [Toiz] blue white small house (@Gacha Garden now!)
Pose: Static Woman – Kuso

Outter Pic (1 of 1)


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