Forge Drulla

the warrior

Fantasy Gacha Carnival <a href=””>gacha key</a>

[The Forge] Drulla Top, Gold
[The Forge] Drulla Panties, Gold
[The Forge] Drulla Bracers, Gold
[The Forge] Drulla Pauldrons, Gold
[The Forge] Drulla Thigh Guards, Gold
[The Forge] Drulla Lower Leg, Gold Rare
[The Forge] Drulla Headpiece, Gold UltraRare
[EZ] Wrath’s Conviction (Gold)

Hair by Rayne Morgan <a href=””>Free Gift Hair</a>
IKON Charm Eyes – Chocolate
Lara Hurley-Ivy Pale BASE
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 3.4
{Luxuria} Retro Liner (unpacked)
.Pekka. Sinners Facial Unisex PIercing Black
.Inhale. Emarosa ll: Alerion Tattoo

Fanatik Architecture: RUINS
DRD Roman chariot (Battlefield)

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Namka

taken at <a href=” of Confusion/48/40/25″ rel=”nofollow”>State of Confusion</a>


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